All On 4 Dental Implants in Cabo San Lucas

Prices, Benefits, and Timeframes for All On 4 Implants in Mexico

The Best All On 4 Dentist in Mexico

Dr. hc Thomas Koty

During the 5 years that Dr. Koty has been in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, more than 1,000 smiles have been restored and more than 6,000 implants have been placed by him, using the All On X technique.

Thanks to his vast experience with dental implant treatments, Dr. Koty has been recognized as one of the best dental implantologists in Mexico. When you come to Advanced Cabo Dentistry, Dr. Koty will be in charge of your teeth restoration with all on four dental implants.

Getting All On 4 Implants in Los Cabos, Mexico

What is the All On 4 Procedure?

With the All On 4 treatment, Dr. Koty and his team of specialists can help you permanently restore your smile. It is a simple, medium-term procedure that involves minimally invasive surgery and placement of a full-arch dental prosthesis.

About 90 % of patients are candidates for All-On 4 implants, which is why it has become the most sought-after treatment in our clinic and Dr. Koty’s specialty.

Provides Immediate Results

You can get teeth-in-a-day with the all on 4 implants. This will allow you to walk off the implant surgery with a functional full set of teeth.

It Has High Success Rate

All On 4 implants are the most successful restorative treatment in our practice. With Dr. Koty, your restoration is guaranteed to work for years to come.

Allows a Full-Mouth Restoration

With all on 4 dental implants, Dr. Koty can restore both your upper and lower jaw for a full-mouth reconstruction.

It is a Versatile Procedure

If needed, you can get an All-On 5, or an All-On 6. This will depend on your oral condition and the approval of Dr. Koty after your evaluation.

The Benefits of Having an All-On 4 Restoration

Replace a Full Set of Teeth with Dental Implants

  • Show off flawless aesthetics
  • Enjoy a better quality of life
  • Have a healthier oral condition
  • Receive a permanent solution
  • Eat whatever you want, again
  • Boost your self-confidence

All-On 4 Dental Implants Reviews in Mexico

At Advanced Cabo Dentistry

If you are a bit hesitant about getting your All On-4 dental implants in Mexico, you can watch our latest patient reviews. Discover why they chose us to have their teeth done.

All On 4 Dental Implants Price in Cabo San Lucas

Treatment Options Available

In addition to having Dr. Koty in charge of your treatment, in Los Cabos, you can get better prices for All On 4 dental implants than any dental clinic in the United States or Canada. At Advanced Cabo Dentistry, we use high-quality materials to perform the All On four procedure, and offer different alternatives to fit your budget.

Crystal-Ultra Hybrid
All On 4

$12,400 USD

Nano-Ceramic Prosthesis bonded
to a TriLor Bar

  • Light weighted
  • Better shock absorption
  • Flexible movement

Zirconia Bridge

$12,000 USD

CAD/CAM Milled Zirconia

  • Adjustments
  • Prosthesis test
  • Final teeth placement

Fixed Hybrid

$11,800 USD

PMMA Acrylic Prosthesis bonded to a
Titanium Bar

  • Light weighted
  • Moderate resistance
  • Easy to repair

How Long Does it Take to Get All On 4 Dental Implants in Mexico?

For an All On 4 treatment, you must forecast two trips to Mexico, with a 7 to 10-day stay in San Jose Del Cabo in each. You can enjoy a dental vacation in Los Cabos while getting your teeth done between appointments.

Surgical Phase
(7-Day Visit)

implant placement icon
  • Dental evaluation
  • Pre-Op Preparation
  • Dental implant placement
  • Immediate loading

All On 4 Recovery
(4 to 6 months)

healing time icon
  • You will wear a long-term temporary denture while your implants integrate into your jawbone and soft tissues heal.

Restorative Phase
(10-Day Visit)

denture placement icon
  • Final teeth placement
  • Prosthesis test
  • Adjustments
  • Final Evaluation

Los Cabos All On 4 Before and After

Dr. Koty´s
Latest Dental
Work in Mexico

All-On 6 Dental Implants in Cabo San Lucas

Is All On 6 Better Than All On 4?

In some cases, placing more dental implants is better. Some patients can benefit the most by getting an All On 6, instead of a conventional All On 4 implant-supported prosthesis.

Dr. Thomas Koty will only recommend the All On 6 procedure to patients with certain dental conditions to get a much better outcome for their treatment. You will need to undergo a complete evaluation to know if you need four or six dental implants.

Pros and Cons of an All On 6 Full-Arch Restoration

All On 6 Implants Advantages

  • Better prosthesis support
  • More comfortable overall
  • Longer durability

All On 6 Implants Disadvantages

  • You must meet specific conditions
  • Higher cost overall
  • Longer recovery time

Know if You Are a Candidate for All-On 6

Get a free consultation with our dental advisor and answer all your questions to know if you can have an All On 6 restoration done.



Your All On 4 Prosthesis Is Fabricated In-House

CAD/CAM Dentistry in Los Cabos

Our dental technicians are in charge of our in-house dental laboratory. They will be responsible for the fabrication and customization of your fixed dental prosthesis, which will be fitted by Dr. Koty on your second trip.

The dental technicians make use of CAD/CAM technology to fabricate the prosthesis and then polish the details by hand. With over 3,000 restorations done for prosthodontics, our team can create the most beautiful and precise teeth restorations for each patient.

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