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Dental Implant In Los Cabos

A dental implant is specially designed for each patient. No treatment plan can be exact until you have spoken with Dr. Thomas Koty  and had a complete evaluation. We are very transparent with our prices and understand that people are going so far to save money and receive quality treatment.

Specialist in Dental Implants

We offer different procedures according to the case presented by the patient, this can increase or decrease the price of the treatment as well as, the material is an important factor. To choose the type of implant it is necessary to complete a dental evaluation with our implantology specialist Dr. Dr.h.c. Thomas Koty who has the necessary experience to do a dental implant job here at Advanced Cabo Dentistry.

Type Of Dental Implants

There are many benefits to get your dental implants in Mexico, apart from saving thousands of dollars. Below we show you the types of implants and in the cases that can be used by dental specialists.

single dental implant titanium

Single Dental Implant

Depending on the type of treatment and the case, we can suggest the appropriate brand for your implant. We work only with the best brands in dental implantology: Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Neodent, Bicon.

$990 USD

zirconia dental implant

Zirconia Dental Implants

It is a solution for patients with titanium allergies, studies show high rates of osseointegration make zirconia implants a great alternative. It also interacts better with gingival tissues than titanium.

$1,950 USD

short dental implant

Short Dental Implants

If the evaluation obtained low bone levels, and conventional implants cannot be placed without the need for procedures such as sinus lift or bone graft, then short dental implants may be the option for you.

$1,200 USD

zygomatic dental implant

Zygomatic Implants

They are designed exclusively to provide surgical predictability to atrophic maxillary cases or extreme cases where there is little or no bone in the upper jaw to support a convectional implant.

$2,500 USD

All On 4

For an All On 4 treatment, two trips with a temporary stay in the city are forecast. Take a vacation in Los Cabos and save lots of dollars on All On 4.

The procedure and the prices are the same for everyone, as we mentioned at the beginning, it can have a small variation in prices for different cases, giving an example: if the patient requires extractions or if he has bone loss, infections.

$9,000 USD

Option of Restoration Permanent

We have alternatives to perform a permanent restoration for the All on 4 procedure. No restoration is better than another, they are simply options we can offer according to the case that occurs in each patient.

Prettau Bridge

Zirconia SuperStructure With Emax Porcelain

Custom Milled Crystal Ultra Substructure

Composite Full Arch Restoration

Fixed Hybrid Denture

Custom Milled Titanium CAD/CAM Bar

Mini Dental Implants + Abutments

Snap On Dentures

Metal Housing + O-Rings

Difference Between Mini Implants & Regular Implants

Patients seeking this treatment should understand the difference between mini implants and regular or titanium implants. In addition to the types of restorations with dentures. With the advanced technologies and processes that we have in the laboratory, we can make dentures a reliable option for the patient.

Regular Dental Implant

Traditional implants are titanium cylinders or screws that act as anchors, replacing the roots of natural teeth. Used for the upper or lower jaw, these implants attach directly to the jaw and gum tissue.

However, these implants also require enough jaw tissue for support. Patients with jaw atrophy may not qualify for traditional implants without a preliminary bone graft.

Mini Dental Implant

They are made of titanium alloys, are strong enough to withstand normal chewing strength and can be used with confidence for immediate loads and long-term restorations.

Mini implants are mainly used to stabilize dentures. Patients may have a stabilized denture in approximately one hour after the final prostheses are performed in the laboratory.

Types Of Snap On Dentures

Bar Retained Snap On Dentures

Retained bar dentures require regular implants, not mini implants, since a secondary bar is screwed into the implants.

The most important thing is that the bar has a passive adjustment on the implants, we achieve it by manufacturing the bar with our available CAD / CAM and milling technologies. Retained bar dentures require at least 2 implants up to a maximum of 8.


Locators Retained Snap On Dentures

Locators Retained is a system that does not use implant immobilization. This accessory is self-aligning and has double retention and in different colors with different retention values.

Location accessories are available in different vertical heights, are resistant, retentive and durable, and have built-in angulation compensation. In addition, repair and replacement are quick and easy.


Ball Abutment Snap On Dentures

Ball pillars are probably the most common accessory for dentures. Ball abutments can be used with regular implants and mini implants.

Each implant in the jaw bone holds a metal accessory that fits another accessory in the denture. In most cases, the implant accessories are shaped like a ball (“male” accessories) and fit the receptors (“female” accessories) of the prosthesis.


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