Dentist Prices in Cabo San Lucas

Have a look at the best dental prices in Los Cabos, Mexico. Ask for your quote and get affordable dental implants, crowns, veneers, orthodontics, and general dentistry.

Cost of Dental Implants in Cabo San Lucas

The cost of dental implants in Los Cabos, Mexico includes implant placement. Additional treatments like sinus lift, bone grafting, or tooth extractions might be necessary, according to your dental condition.

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How Much For Dental Implants in Mexico?

Prices for Implant-Supported Restorations & Implants

Titanium Dental Implants $990 USD (per implant)
Zirconia Dental Implants $1,950 USD (per implant)
Short Dental Implants $1,200 USD (per implant)
Mini Dental Implants $550 USD (per implant)
Snap-On Denture (4 implants) $6,600 USD (per arch)
All On 4 Zirconia Bridge $12,000 USD (per arch)
All On 4 Crystal Ultra $12,400 USD (per arch)
All On 6 Zirconia Bridge $13,500 USD (per arch)
3 On 6 Implant Bridges $13,500 USD (per arch)
Full Mouth Reconstruction Custom Price
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How Much For a Smile Makeover in Mexico?

Prices for Crowns, Veneers & Teeth Whitening

E-Max Porcelain Crown $550 USD (per tooth)
Zirconia Crown $550 USD (per tooth)
Porcelain Veneer $550 USD (per tooth)
Zirconia Veneer $550 USD (per tooth)
Resin or Composite $300 USD (per tooth)
Inlays / Onlays $550 USD (per tooth)
Teeth Whitening $150 USD
Full Smile Makeover Custom Price

Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry in Los Cabos, Mexico

Find the best prices for cosmetic dentistry treatments in Mexico, at Advanced Cabo Dentistry. We have dental specialists for your dental veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, or smile makeover treatment.

Getting Dental Work in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

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Cost of Root Canal in Cabo San Lucas

Experienced endodontists will help you to save your teeth and recover their aesthetics. You can save thousands by treating your teeth with endodontics, instead of replacing them with dental implants. Root canal costs start at 350 USD per tooth.

How Much for Root Canal in Mexico?

Prices for Root Canal Therapy & Apicoectomy

Root Canal Therapy $350 USD (per tooth)
Root Canal Re-treatment $450 USD (per tooth)
Post & Core Build Up $150 USD (per tooth)
Apicoectomy $450 USD (per tooth)
Pulpectomy $200 USD (per tooth)

Additional Dental Treatments

Prices for Common Dental Procedures

Simple Tooth Extraction $60 USD (per tooth)
Surgical Tooth Extraction $200 USD (per tooth)
3rd Molar Extraction $300 USD (per molar)
Regular Teeth Cleaning $80 USD (full-mouth)
Scaling and Root Planning $250 USD (per quadrant)
Sinus Lift $1,500 USD
Indirect Sinus Lift $800 USD
Dental Bone Graft $350 USD (per cc)

Cost of General Dentistry in Los Cabos, Mexico

Before undergoing treatments like dental implants or veneers, additional treatments might be necessary to ensure the best outcome for your teeth restoration. Consider that not all treatments will be necessary for your dental work.

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