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Common causes needing a Root Canal treatment

A Root Canal Therapy is needed when pulp becomes inflamed or infected, so this case infection may extend per all root canal system of the tooth. As a result, this may convert to an abscess. So, these are the main causes to be necessary a Root Canal.

Deep decay due to an untreated cavity.

Multiple dental procedures on the same tooth.

An injury or fracture
to the tooth.

The nerve of the tooth is dying or has died

Diagnosis for determine if tooth can save

At Advanced Cabo Dentistry we carry out a series of special investigations to determine the conditions of the affected tooth by examining its mouth, in addition to performing a panoramic 3D. However, these will serve to clarify the problem:


During diagnosis to determine if the tooth is salvageable and whether it is a root canal case, or when a root canal problem is suspected, a periapical radiograph is required so the view records the entire tooth root in question and its supporting tissues (which is the one that registers the entire end of the tooth).

Vitality Testing

Electric pulp tests or cold tests, for the most part, are alive and those that are not are dead. And, this is an inaccurate measure of the life status of a tooth, but it can help identify which tooth is causing pain when multiple teeth are filled and some of them are causing pain.

What is the process for a root canal?

At the beginning of the treatment, the first step will be to isolate the tooth and with the rubber dam to protect it, and anesthesia will be applied to avoid pain and feel relaxed during the healing of the tooth.

The key to a successful Root Canal Treatment is to kill bacteria and prevent them from entering. Therefore, in this step we removed cavities and bacteria from top of the tooth before accessing the nerve. We used chamber and drills for acceded to nerve. The remaining space is completely cleaned.

In the root canal it is filled with a biocompatible material such as gutta-percha. And, with dental cementation, sealing is guaranteed and future infections in the treated area are avoided.

Once the root canal seal has been applied, a temporary filling is prepared in the hole of the tooth used to access the root canal, to allow time for healing. Subsequently, when completed successfully, the permanent restoration is placed.

Root Canal Cost

  • Root Canal (anterior)

  • $350 USD

  • Root Canal (premolar)

  • $350 USD

  • Root Canal (molar)

  • $ 350 USD

  • Post/Core Build-up

  • $150 USD

  • Root Canal Re-treatment

  • $400 USD

Prices Per Tooth

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