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Prices, Benefits, and Treatments for Snap-On Dentures in Mexico

Dr. Thomas Koty

Your Dental Implant Specialist in Mexico

Dr. Thomas Koty is one of the few dentists that do Snap-On dentures in Los Cabos, Mexico. With more than 25 years of experience in restoring smiles with dental implants, Dr. Koty has helped thousands of patients with implant-retained overdentures.

By coming to Advanced Cabo Dentistry, you will be diagnosed and treated by Dr. Koty. He will help you throughout treatment time and will make sure that you go home with an excellent dental restoration with snap-in dentures.

Getting Snap-On Dentures in Mexico

What Are Snap-On Dentures?

With a removable Snap-on denture, Dr. Koty and his team of specialist can give you a lifelong dental solution that is both aesthetic and completely functional. It vastly improves how regular dentures work.

Almost every patient is a suitable candidate to get a Snap-On overdenture. It is an affordable and reliable alternative to the all on 4 dental implants that can be ideal for you.

Easy To Maintain

Snap on denture can be cleaned as a regular denture. It also helps you to prevent food getting stuck under the denture.

Convertible to Palateless

With a Snap-On denture, there will be no need to cover the roof of the mouth. This makes the overdenture more comfortable.

Totally Removable

Implant-retained dentures are only fixed when snapped-on, but are easy to remove without the need of a dentist.

All On X Upgradable

If you get a snap-in denture with 4 regular implants, you can upgrade to a permanently fixed all-on-4 prosthesis.

Are Snap-On Dentures Ideal for me?

If you are currently using a regular denture and want to improve it, or if you wish to have dental implants at an affordable cost, Snap-On dentures can be ideal for you. To know better if you can have an overdenture, Dr. Koty will do an evaluation on your dental condition, using X-Rays and CT scans.

The Benefits of Having a Palateless Snap-On Denture

Replace a Full Set of Teeth with a Removable Overdenture

  • Taste your favorite foods, again
  • Forget about denture glues
  • No rocking, sores or denture slips
  • Recover your chewing ability
  • Stop bone loss in your jaw
  • Enjoy more comfort and better aesthetics

Snap-On Dentures Reviews in Mexico

At Advanced Cabo Dentistry

Still doubtful about getting snap-in dentures in Mexico? See what our satisfied patients have to say about their treatment, and how they feel about the new teeth they got at Advanced Cabo Dentistry.

Cost of Snap-On Dentures in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Treatment Options Available

Snap-On dentures are the cheapest way to have a dental implant-based solution. Compared to the Snap-on dentures prices in the U.S. or Canada, you can expect to save around 50 % on your treatment by coming to Cabo San Lucas.

Snap-On Denture
with Mini Implants
(per arch)

$3,900 USD

Includes 4 mini dental implants and an upper or lower Snap-On denture w/ O-rings.

  • Good denture support
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Long-term durability

Snap-On Denture with
Regular Implants
(per arch)

$6,600 USD

Includes 4 regular implants and an upper or lower Snap-On denture w/ O-rings.

  • Great denture support
  • Palateless denture
  • Upgradable to All-On 4

Snap-On Denture with
Regular Implants Plus
(per arch)

$7,000 USD

Includes 6 regular implants and an upper or lower Snap-On denture w/O-rings.

  • Excellent denture support
  • Palateless denture
  • Upgradable to All-On 6

How Long Does It Take To Get Snap-On Dentures in Mexico?

To get your implant-supported Snap-On denture in Mexico, you must forecast two trips to our clinic, with a 7 to 10-day stay in San Jose Del Cabo in each. You can enjoy a dental vacation while getting your teeth done between appointments

Surgical Phase
(7-Day Visit)

implant placement icon
  • Dental evaluation
  • Pre-Op Preparation
  • Dental implant placement
  • Immediate loading

Post-Op Recovery
(4 to 6 months)

healing time icon
  • You will wear a long-term temporary denture while your implants integrate into your jawbone and soft tissues heal.

Restorative Phase
(10-Day Visit)

denture placement icon
  • Final teeth placement
  • Prosthesis test
  • Adjustments
  • Final Evaluation

Snap-On Dentures Before and After

Dr. Koty’s
Latest Dental
Work in Los Cabos

Mini Implants Vs Regular Implants

Which is best for My Snap-On Denture?

To get your implant-supported Snap-On denture in Mexico, you must forecast two trips to our clinic, with a 7 to 10-day stay in San Jose Del Cabo in each. You can enjoy a dental vacation while getting your teeth done between appointments

Regular Dental Implants

Regular implants are made of titanium They are much wider and can have different lengths. They provide excellent support and can withstand much more stress. This is why they are the most durable.

Traditional implants require enough bone density to be placed. Some patients may require bone grafts before getting titanium implants

Mini Dental Implants

Mini implants are made of titanium alloy. Although thinner and smaller, they are strong enough to withstand normal biting forces. MDIs can be used for immediate loads and long-term restorations.

Mini dental implants are only suitable for patients with very little bone density, and only Dr. Koty can determine if you can get them or not.

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Types of Snap-On Dentures in Los Cabos, Mexico

Overdentures Retention Systems

To provide the best support to your overdenture, we can use different retention systems. Each works similarly, but have different benefits to how sturdy your denture gets when snapped-on.

Bar-Retained Snap-On Dentures

Bar retained overdentures provide the best retention of all, but require at least 4 regular implants to provide enough retention.

The bar works with a passive adjustment on the implants. We achieve it by manufacturing the bar with our CAD / CAM software and milling machines.

Locator Snap-On Denture

Locator overdentures are the ones we do the most. The locator system provides excellent retention and the most comfort.

The locator inserts are highly resistant, retentive and durable. In addition, this accessory is self-aligning and has double retention for better functionality.

Ball-Abutment Snap-On Denture

Ball abutments are the most common accessory for Snap-On dentures as they work with regular and mini dental implants.

Ball abutments provide good retention, but the O-rings that fit onto them will require to be replaced by your dentists more often as you snap your denture on and off.

Why to Have a Locator® Retained Overdenture?

Dr. Koty´s Choice for Snap-On Dentures

The Locator retention system by Zest, has proven to be the most effective on our patients. It is Dr. Koty who recommends this option when patients get four or six regular implants for their overdentures due to excellent results it has in the long-run.

The Benefits of Locator Attachments

Versatile Retention Levels

You can choose how easy it will be to snap your denture on and off. Based on your preference, Dr. Koty can place the locator attachments with different levels of retention.

Self Aligning Technology

Locator inserts help you to place the Snap-On denture effortlessly. Its technology prevents a wrong placement of the denture and protects its components, making it more durable and easy to use.

More Use, Less Maintenance

Thanks to how they work, locator attachments require way less maintenance than other options. This will save you several appointments and money in the long-term.

We Fabricate & Tailor Your Overdenture in-House

How Are Snap-On Dentures Made?

At our in-house dental lab, we can fabricate your snap-on denture using PMMA material or we can use your existing denture to transform it into a palaleteless snap-on denture. The whole fabrication or tailoring process will be done by one of our dental technicians.

The team of technicians uses both traditional and digital methods to create the most perfect dental prostheses. They will make sure that your new teeth look the most natural and beautiful by detailing the overdenture by hand.

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